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Security & Surveillance

Explosive Detector HYPER 5000 Scanner Explosive Detector HYPER 5000 Scanner
Explosive Detector HYPER 5000
HYPER 5000 combines molecular spectroscopy and digital imaging, and has been shown for rapid, non-contact optical sensing of explosives and materials associated with the use of homemade explosives (HMEs) or Narcotics.

FGVT2000 is a new product based on the SMS/ GSM / GPRS  network and GPS satellite positioning system.
GSM Cell Phone Interceptor GSM Cell Phone Interceptor
XSM system can Intercept GSM Cellular communication Voice and Text in passive mode.
Laser Listening Device Laser Listening Device
The Laser Listening Surveillance System(FGLD-786) and FGLD-700 series are very sophisticated and sensitive electro-optical equipment for surveillance. 

Laser Range and Speed Finder 2000-300 Laser Range and Speed Finder 2000-300
The Laser range and speed finder monocular is a portable optoelectronic device combined a laser range finder of 2000 meters, and Speed finder of 300Km/h.
Real Time Person Finding system Real Time Person Finding system
PFS Person Finding System comprises an easy to deploy electro-optical surveillance system paired with computers and 4 video cameras to scan the crowded area and automatically identify people by their faces with the help of provided facial data in the stored database.