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Home Automation - Wireless Water Level System FGWL-433

Wireless Water Level System FGWL-433
Wireless Water Level System  FGWL-433

FGWL-433 is an economical and most reliable home automation Water Level System which turns Motor switches ON automatically when less water in tank than preset Value and water is available at source like underground water tank to roof tank filling. After filling the roof tank Motor switches OFF automatically. No worries of water overflow.

FGWL433 Water Level System of 3 stages (Low, Medium and Full) can be installed at a convenient location in home, displays the both tanks water levels on front L.E.D. Panel and Receiver side.

FGWL-433 can be operated on Solar PV Panels, 

 (One complete system contains:  1 unit Receiver control Box + 1 unit Transmitter Box+ 2 units Connecting leads + 6 units sensors +1 unit Instruction manual)



 1. FSK technology;

 2. ISM band, no need to apply frequency usage license;

 3.  High sensitivity, Long Transmission range;

 4. Multiple Power source connections;

 5. Very reliable, small size, easier mounting;

 6. No tuning required;

 7. Easy to install;

 8. Corrosion proof robust and rugged casing for harsh outdoor application.(IP65)



Frequency - 433MHz

Operating Voltage:   12Vdc / 110V AC 60Hz/ 220-250V AC 50Hz

Motor switching contact capacity: 10 Amps 200V DC /20 Amps Single Phase 250V AC / 3Phase 440V AC 

Operating Temperature: -10C to 60C

Humidity: 95% (Non condensing)

Size (LWH): 6.5in x 4in x 4in


Procurement Information:

Price: $150 USD

MOQ: 5 Units

Lead time: 1 week