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Electronics - HM-TR Data Radios

HM-TR Data Radios
HM-TR Data Radios

Data Radio series transparent wireless data link module is dedicated for applications that needs wireless data transmission. It features high data rate, longer transmission distance. The communication protocol is self controlled and completely transparent to user interface. The module can be embedded to your current design so that wireless communication can be set up easily.


1. FSK technology, half duplex mode, robust to interference; 

2. ISM band, no need to apply frequency usage license; 

3. Operation frequency can be configured and can be used in FDMA applications; 

4. Transmitting frequency deviation and receiver bandwidth can be selected; 

5. Protocol translation is self-controlled, easy to use; 

6. Data rate can be selected from a wide range; 

7. Provide ENABLE pin to control duty-cycle to satisfy different application requirements; 

8. High sensitivity, long transmission range; 

9. Standard UART interface, TTL or RS232 logic level selectable; 

10. Very reliable, small size, easier mounting. 

11. No tuning in production.