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GSM Cell Phone Interceptor
Welcome to Fusions Groups:
Deals in the development of cutting edge and unique technologies.

Based on research, our security products are setting new standards.

Our long endurance 18 hours, 300km range, tactical UAV “MINDER-III” for border patrolling and surveillance missions is available with new features.

Specialized in cost-effective systems development for defence, law enforcement and security applications.

With many years of experience we are proud to be a defence systems outsourcing company with working and delivery of our products to the well known defence industries, organizations and R&D groups involved in UAV/RPV development all over the world.

Product Summary:
Remote Generator Starter [FGGS-433] Remote Generator Starter [FGGS-433]
FGGS-433 Controls the Generator from remote location  from 100 meters to 1 Km range. Start and Stop the Generator through Radio Remote Control and with computer interface RS232.
Product Summary:
Drip Irrigation System Drip Irrigation System
FG is one of the major Automatic Drip Irrigation System Suppliers. FG Drip Irrigation Systems, offered by us, employ drop by drop technique of water supply directly to the roots of the plant.